Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Why should I come to Cetus? 
We treat your car like we would treat our car-if it does not need something we will not do it. Our job is to make sure that your car is safe for you and your family and it lasts as long as possible. We are a NAPA AUTOPRO with nationwide one year or 20,000 Km. warranty on all our work and we stand behind it 100%. We have the latest updates & maintenance requirements from the manufacturer as well as the latest equipment.

Winner of the Consumer's Choice Award 2016 for best automotive repair shop in Southern Alberta

Top Choice Award Winner
Best Automotive Shop in Calgary this year!
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2 - My car is 5 years old. Is it worthwhile to do regular maintenance on an old vehicle? 
Yes, Definitely! Think about it - for approximately $300.00-$500.00 per year (depending on the vehicle make and model) you can keep your car for another 5-10 years depending on how much you drive it. If you take the time to do regular maintenance, the vehicle will not break down and will last you longer. Fluid changes will lengthen the life of your transmission, radiator, differential etc.

3 - Do you recommend repairing your vehicle versus buying another used vehicle? 
You have owned your vehicle for a while you know exactly what maintenance you have had done to it. If the body is good and you like the car, does it not make sense to keep it rather than buy another used car that you don't know anything about? New cars these days sell for around $20,000 (and up) and they depreciate 10-15% the day you drive it out of the showroom. Car payments are a lot more than a maintenance bill.

4 - How do I get all the maintenance done when time is an issue? 
We are a full service one-stop repair shop. We do everything that is needed for your vehicle from oil change, oil leaks, tune-ups to differential overhauls, transmissions and engine work. Other than oil changes most vehicles only need to be checked over once /year. We can do a safety inspection for you and address whatever is needed to keep you on the road. We can offer shuttle service to the LRT station or to your place of work (within five kilometers.)

5 - If the service engine soon or check engine light comes on does that mean I need engine repairs? 
When the light goes on, the vehicle's onboard computer is indicating that one or more of the engine controls are not functioning properly and need attention. We recommend that you bring in the vehicle at your earliest convenience. If ignored it can cause engine damage and almost always causes higher fuel consumption.

6 - Is Cetus environment friendly? 
YES! We are a green company. We recycle our used oil and use it to heat our premises. Antifreeze, filters, and old parts are all disposed of per best practices in our industry. We are always trying to reduce our carbon imprint in every way for the environment.

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